Playroom Planning: Before

Now that Enzo is getting more mobile, we’re working on creating some designated play spaces for him in the house. Currently, he spends most of his time in the dining room. It’s the most convenient place we have, but he has outgrown it. Clearly.

It was ideal when he was contained to a jumper or an activity center but now that his toys are all up in my business 24/7 I want to find ways to contain it. The immediate solution is a rolling toy box (that will fit in a nearby walk-in closet) for main floor fun. I plan to dress it up with some decorative adhesives. 

The long term, permanent solution is to turn our screened in porch into an all-seasons room and make that a play room.That is a big project though, so in the meantime we are planning a play nook in the basement. 


It’s not a huge space, so I’ve been strategizing for months on what to include and how to organize it. I want it to be a space Enzo will love, of course, but I also want it to appeal to a range of ages so other kids can enjoy it when they come over. 

After talking with numerous caregivers of little people, we got a fairly clear idea of what some long-lasting toys might be. With those in mind, we’ve ordered 4 things so far. A slide, ball pit, tree, and bookshelf with a reading nook
(Photos obviously not mine, found on Google Images)

I am aware he will try to climb the tree. He tries to climb everything, so I’m pretty used to saying No and enduring the tantrum 5875030656 times a day.

I am super excited about these pieces, I can’t wait to see how Enzo reacts to the slide and ball pit. Once they get here and we see how they look, we’ll move to Phase 2 (final large pieces). We already have an awesome easel from my brother and his fiance. We are thinking about adding a small play kitchen and/or tool bench, along with a large acrylic mirror for babies, a felt board, and a magnetic board. Phase 3 will be decorations. <–Yes I promise, there will be color. It won’t all be gray, black and white. Although monochrome is trendy and I like it, there are no windows in this area of the basement so I plan to bring some bright and happy to it before it’s finished. 

If you have any suggestions on what to add in Phase 2, things your kids can’t get enough of, let me know! 

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