Our First Home

It’s official.

After almost 11 years, 4 apartments, and far too many house-hunting tears…we finally have a place to call our own.


Things turned around in a hurry after I wrote Summer of Slammed Doors. This is the short version of what went down between We Fold and Sold:

After walking away from the first home we loved we found a few others we liked, but none of them felt quite right. We started to feel detached from the whole process and were considering renting for another 6 months and trying again next Spring.

Then one Sunday we were late to church. So late we had to park in the back lot, and when we left for lunch we took a different route. As we were driving we noticed an open house sign in a nearby neighborhood. We wondered why it hadn’t shown up on our Mibor app (it didn’t meet our lengthy list of criteria), and decided to stop in.

10 days later we had a purchase agreement.


The yard is smaller and neighbors are closer than we wanted but it is perfectly us, in so many other ways.

The exterior reminds us of downtown, and the canal condos we adore.

Best picture I could find.

Sorry. Blurry. Best picture I could find.

And the location, directly next door to our church and it’s amazing cross country course, is a throwback to what brought us together and continues to bring us so much joy.


Eat your heart out XC lovers.

There are just 40 homes in this little nook of a neighborhood. The residents not only look out for each other (when Ron & the inspector showed up to do the inspection, one of our new neighbors marched right up the driveway into the garage and asked Who might you be? haha), but they take turns hosting “porch or patio parties” for everyone to gather and hang out. (We already have a flyer for a progressive dinner party next month, woo!) So it seems like a tight knit community, which is something we were hoping to find after so many years of transient-style living.

Then there are the little details.

The first three numbers of our address, 126, matches our wedding anniversary, 12/6. And one definition I found for our street name is: An introduction to greater significance.

What a sweet and accurate way to describe this new beginning. We’ve finally arrived at a place where we are ready to lay down not just roots, but every excuse.

Because the tests have been passed, requirements met. Wedding paid for, home search complete. Crazy student loan debt aside, there are no hurdles left. Nothing to overwhelm our schedule or distract us from doing what we were put here to do: Use our God-given gifts to make a difference, and lift others up. No other house we had considered would have allowed us to give as freely of our time and resources as this one will (Very minimal updates and upkeep. The HOA even covers lawn care. I know.).

I’ve jokingly referred to it as Holy House a few times, since we’re so close to our church. But honestly there is some truth in that title. From abandoning our “dream home,” (we’ve been told multiple times since that we dodged a bullet with that neighborhood) to being late to Sunday service (it’s very unlikely we would have ever noticed this house otherwise), to the quick, painless negotiation with a sweet agent + seller (opposite of first negotiation, agent and sellers)…this whole thing was a God thing. He led us here, ending a Summer of loss with an amazing win.

And to that we say, time and time again, Amen.

Joshua 24:15

A few more pictures at the bottom.

This life is a journey we walk by faith
And there will always be the mountains in our way
But right here in this moment, may our strength be renewed
As we recall what God has done and how we’ve seen Him move

If there’s anybody here who’s found Him faithful
Anybody here who knows He’s able
Say Amen
If there’s anybody here who’s seen His power
Anybody here brought through the fire
Say Amen
Anybody here found joy in the middle of sorrow
Just say Amen



That garage is really deep. It’s 3-car tandem, but we measured and if you had small vehicles you could squeeze in 5. Also there’s a plum tree on the side of the house. When the seller told us I was like Shut your face. A PLUM TREE. <3



The fate of this room is to be determined. I would like to make it a reading/sitting room. Ron wants to keep it a formal dining area. We both initially agreed that no matter what the red has to go…but oddly enough it’s growing on us. Not for a sitting room but maybe if it stays a formal dining room.


This will be Ron’s office.


Be still my hospitality loving heart.




This will become a theatre room.



Ps. If you need to buy or sell, we highly recommend our agent! She’ll help you find a great home and make sure you have fun + don’t lose you mind in the process. 


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