Enzo Alan: 9 Months


Age: 9 Months

Weight: 19 lbs, 8oz (32%),

Height: 28.5 (48%)
Head: I lost the paper so I don’t remember the exact measurements but I know he was 29th percentile.

Life Lately: 

This one’s a FIGHTER, ya’ll. A screaming, kicking, twisting, shoving, crying ANIMAL when I try to change his diaper or clothes, put him in his high chair, strap him in his carseat, inform him he can’t stand in the store cart, take anything out of his hands, try to make him eat something other than cheese puffs, etc. The upside is all this combat is basically turning me into a ninja.

For the longest time he only had two bottom teeth, now all of a sudden he has 6 coming through. At the same time. 🙄 He recently cut two top teeth and is close with three more on top and one on bottom. He violently refuses Tylenol and I’ve given up forcing it, so night sleep is hit or miss.

He still averages 2 x 30 minute naps a day when we are home. Snoozes great in the car though. Loves to burn up gas and prohibit mama from productivity. I told Ron when he is older and asks for gas money I’m going to say Sorry, we used up your allotment when you were a baby, driving around trying to get you to finish a nap.

He has said mama and dada clearly, but not to us with purpose (I hear him practicing in his crib before I get him in the morning) so we don’t count it yet.

He crawls and climbs with great speed, and finds all sorts of enjoyment in going where he knows he is not supposed to be, giggling his head off as we chase him. He is trying to stand on his own but isn’t steady yet.

Even with all the teething and tantrums, he is a TON of fun. We love playing games to make him laugh and he has new facial expressions all the time. His latest is raised eyebrows. It’s our favorite when he raises his eyebrows, purses his lips, then exhales sharply. As if to say Whew. MIND BLOWN. It’s hilarious. I seriously can’t wait to hear what he is thinking.

Now that Enzo has been out as long as he was in, I’m fielding more questions about another baby. The short answer is we’re ready, but we’d like to wait. The long answer is my OB wants me to wait a full year for C-section reasons, and I want to wait until I reach my fitness goal. I’m hoping if I start the next pregnancy from a better baseline I’ll go into it with some momentum and set myself up for a smoother postpartum journey.

Plus I cherish this phase, with only one baby. When you have more than one child, the love multiplies but the time divides. I want siblings for Enzo, a larger family for Ron and I, but I also want to hold onto this phase a tiny bit longer. This stage of SAHM life is so special and sweet, just my baby boy and me.

All that said, if we were to get pregnant right now we would be THRILLED to welcome another little life, God-willing. <3

*I’m in the process of figuring out why some pictures are uploading in tiny file sizes, while others are huge.

2 thoughts on “Enzo Alan: 9 Months

  1. Becky Adams

    What a beautiful child! Yes , you are right to cherish this time with only one child. It’s such a special time!
    Your Mom has been sharing your photos and stories. It’s a wonderful journey, isn’t it?
    By the way, you are a gifted writer!


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