Enzo Alan: 7/8 Months


Age: 7 & 8 months

Stats: He is 19 pounds right now. I’ll update the rest of the specifics after his next well visit at 9 months. 

What’s New: 

Enzo is an efficient crawler but spends more time pulling up to stand or climbing on top of things. He is ready to walk and will take steps if we hold his hands. 

2 teeth and a third close to breaking through. 

Likes to feed himself puffs and is getting better at picking them up and putting them in his mouth every day. 

Eats a wide variety of food, currently a big fan of black beans, zucchini, squash, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, mixed berries, roasted peaches, pears, and apples (all puréed or chunky blend.) He doesn’t love bananas, carrots, peas, or sweet potatoes. 

No words yet, but a lot of high pitched screeching. He recently whistled 3 times on accident. 

Will give a high five if you ask. 

In an unfortunate stage where he is too small (and wiggly) to safely sit in store carts or restaurant high chairs, even with padded inserts, but he won’t tolerate being restrained in his car seat or stroller. Therefore venturing out is a workout. 

Fights sleep during the day. We call him Energizer Enzo. I can spend hours trying to wear him out and calm him down, only for him to take two 30 minute naps total. Nights are generally pretty good. I get enough sleep to be able to workout around 5-6am each morning. I never thought I could be a morning person but I love it! It gets the day off to a great start. Motherhood, man. Full of surprises. 

I am closing in on my goal weight, down to single digits! It is going to take me all of 9 months to regain fitness and be comfortable in my old clothes, but it has been MUCH easier to get weight off since I quit pumping at 5.5 months. 

So I’m feeling really great and ready to start focusing in on running goals. My motivator is 80 before Baby or 82 before Baby 2. My half marathon PR is 1:22 flat and my goal has always been to get under 1:20. Thus I am shooting for 80 before Baby but if I can get in range of 1:22 I’ll be happy. There is a time limit on this. I don’t want to wait too long before trying for another baby. I just want an ambitious goal to help me stay serious about workouts and have fun racing before another 18 month baby/body journey.

All in all, this life is SO sweet right now. I miss these days even as I live them.

 Adventure Awaits, greet it with your fancy pajamas.

 First Carmel library visit!

 Wild man.

 Who is this IMPOSTOR??

 Super soft and cute romper from Roman & Leo.

 We love morning sunshine. 

 Quite pleased with himself after a short nap.

 Fell asleep in Great Grandma Bower’s lap while listening to her favorite songs.

 Toys or book? Both.

 Easter 2017

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