Enzo Alan: 5 Months

Age: 5 months

Stats: 14.5 lbs. Haven’t measured him yet. Probably won’t at this point. We have an appointment at 6 months, so we’ll get updated measurements then.

Sleep: 4 month sleep regression hit hard this month and he was basically back to near newborn status. Up every 1.5-2 hours most nights. 3-5 hour stretches are a rarity I don’t take for granted. I’m writing this a week late so technically the crib situation belongs in the next post. I’ll save the full story on all that for then. It’s still a work in progress but he is already getting used to it. As long as I put him down on his belly. Put him on his back and you may as well have chopped the beloved crinkly wings off his favorite butterfly toy.

I am going to try to implement some sleep training over the next couple weeks (for real this time) and hopefully drop the night feeds (slowly, over time.) Another thing to cover next post. Helping your baby learn how to sleep has become a controversial topic among moms and I have some opinions. ;)

So wish me luck and if you want to win my heart…recommend a stellar coffee bean. Small luxuries are the name of the daily game here.


His butterfly toy

Scooting (inch-worming is the best way to describe it) here there and everywhere.

Eating oatmeal (I think, anyway. He smiles sometimes. Tolerates it others. Has never totally rejected it though so that’s good.)

Playing Peek-a-Boo

When I sing Patty Cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider, and make his hands do the movements. Video next month.

Memorable Moments:

You guys seriously I feel like I just wrote the 4 month post so I have no idea. Umm…we face timed with Uncle Todd and Aunt April for the first time (we need to do it more often!) and toward the end Enzo leaned back in my arms and went to sleep haha. Our conversation wasn’t exciting enough for him.

ALSO, he put his foot in his mouth after days of trying. Baby toes must be tasty because he’s all about munching on them.

Mostly we’re just super excited that he is finally rolling both directions again. He is pushing all the way up on his hands and is so so close to crawling. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is by 6 months. His hand-eye coordination is getting a lot better too, and it’s fun to watch him grab for things and inspect them or put them in his mouth.

On the downside he has developed a little bit of stranger danger already. Wonder Weeks predicts it to fully arrive with the next leap, which is potentially next week, but hopefully it doesn’t get worse than it already is. He cries almost every time someone other than Ron or I hold him. The exception is when visitors are at our house. He feels comfortable enough here that he is willing to let other people hold him I guess.

Can’t wait for 6 months! We scheduled 6 month and 1 year photos with the photographer who took his newborn photos. I’m really looking forward to seeing the images she captures for us. <3 If I can ever settle on an outfit for him that is…

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