Enzo Alan: 4 Months


Age: 4 months

Stats: 14 lbs, 8.5oz, 25.25 inches. 45th percentile weight, 55th height. 28th percentile for head circumference, haha. Tiny head.

Nicknames: Muchacho, Butch, Butchy Boy (Ron’s grandfather started the butch nicknames), Buck-O, Handsome.

This is turning sideways on my phone but looks normal on a desktop. Weird.

Sleep:  He still has some nights where he wakes up every 2 hours, but lately it’s been more like every 3-5 hours. There have even been nights where I only needed to feed him once (!). He will usually sleep until 8:30am (6:30-8:30 is always noisy, fitful sleep that keeps me awake but at least he’s not wide eyed and ready to go), then he takes a nap for an hour (or two!) at some point between 10am-1pm. Those nights and naps are AMAZING.

Our pediatrician said he should be capable of sleeping through the night now, but I’m not so sure. Last night he went to bed at 10, then woke up at 3am and downed 6 oz like he’d never been fed. That’s too hungry for him to fall back asleep on his own. But she also said we can start introducing baby food this month so that may help keep him full. We’ll see. Meanwhile we are going to work on establishing a solid nap routine and letting him sleep in his own room. New carpet is being installed next week and the nursery furniture should be here next weekend (GLORY HALLELUJAH to all that), so we can start the transition with naps in his crib.


Rolling back to front.
He won’t roll front to back anymore, the speed and lack of control scared him too much. We’ve been working with him on it, hopefully he gets over that soon.

Sitting in his frog.
He wants to sit up on his own, but he’s still practicing. Until then, this floor seat has been really useful in keeping him happy and safe for a few minutes while I get things done.

Looking in the mirror
You can’t tell from this very serious pre-bath photo, but he loves looking in the mirror. He smiles and chatters at himself.

The rest of his favorite things are the same: watching TV, reading books, trying to sit up, eating his hands, car rides, studying new places and faces.

Memorable Moments:

I love watching him roll over, it never gets old. I’m proud of him every. time. haha. I especially like how he yells as he rolls in this one.

Tooth bud
There is a tiny white spot in the middle of his bottom gums that seems to be getting more noticeable. He can’t hold teething rings yet so we bought him a Munch Mitt. Unfortunately it’s a little big, so we need to go buy the Munch Mitt Mini.

Hopefully that will help it cut through. He gnaws hard on his hands, drools a ton, and is fussy at night.

Trying to crawl
He wants SO badly to crawl. He has the legs down, he just needs stronger arms. It may not be long!

First Christmas
He had a wonderful first Christmas, receiving tons of great gifts from family. One of our favorites is a polar bear painting Ron’s mom made for his nursery. She did it freehand using water color. It’s perfect!


I still have a ton of baby weight to lose (eyeroll). I must be the QUEEN of delusions because I really thought I would be back in my normal clothes by Christmas. Everyone said if I breastfed it would “melt off.” Not the case for me. Maybe because my body struggles to make enough milk. Maybe just my genetic luck. Who knows. I’m watching my diet very closely and we have ordered a treadmill. (Which has been a total fiasco. We ordered it on Black Friday and still don’t have it in our possession.) In the meantime I’ve started doing free fitness videos online. I really like some I’ve found on PopSugar. I feel ridiculous doing them because I’m SO out of shape and uncoordinated, but hey. Whatever it takes. Hoping to see some real progress soon. Now that I’m getting decent sleep and we’re finding a routine I have no excuses. Time to get back to business. My goal is to be in my normal clothes by the time Enzo is 6 months. If it took you 6 months or longer to get your body back, please tell me. I need moral support.

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More Media

This is the last time he rolled onto his back unaided. Check out his poor face at the end.

The first time I witnessed him intentionally grabbing for things.

Enzo in the hospital vs. a couple weeks ago. A totally different baby! <3

2nd year with the tree, failed to put ornaments on it again. There’s always next year.

First church service in person, Christmas Eve service.

Getting too big for the boppy!

Looked over to see him smiling at me while I was making dinner. <3

I workout.

We think he looks dapper in this sleeper so I decided to take pictures to send to the gifter…he was being extra cute that day.

My dad works for Coca-Cola, and he made custom bottles for us for Christmas.

Trying to crawl away during 4 month photo shoot #2.

October 8th – January 9th. So big!

Love you more than we can bear, doll face.

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