Enzo Alan: 3 Months


Age: 3 months

Stats: 12 lbs, 12.5oz, 22.5 inches. (50th percentile for both now. He had been in 10th and 25th)

Nicknames: Munchkin, Muchacho, Little Man, Sweet Pie, Baby Do.


Sleep: He usually gets one long stretch for about 4 hours and then is up every 1.5 – 2 hours to eat. Eating still takes about 45 minutes – an hour since I need to hold him up for awhile post-bottle so he doesn’t spit up when I lay him down. He typically wakes up for the day around 8am, sometimes later. So I feel like I have been lucky in that aspect.

We still don’t have his nursery set up and the 4 month sleep regression is fast approaching so I have no intentions of attempting any kind of sleep training yet. It seems pointless to me when I know we would struggle in month 4 and/or when we move him to a new bed anyway. I get enough broken sleep to make life manageable.




I’m working on getting better photos and video of his stretching routine. It’s pretty hysterical. When he does wake up at 8am, I can lay him down on his changing pad and no kidding, he will spend a good 10 minutes stretching. He gets it from me, I think. I’m not nearly as…dedicated…as he is, but I have to stretch at least a little. Meanwhile Ron is more of the “jump up and get going” type.

Chatting in the morning

After stretching, he will smile and jabber with me for awhile. And by jabber I don’t mean a morning mumble. He full on happy shouts most of the time. Then at some point he flips a switch to hungry shout. It’s pretty cute.

Eating his hands

He’s discovered his hands and has declared them QUITE TASTY.

Watching TV

We think he likes the colors on the TV screen. When we are holding him on the couch or changing his diaper on the ottoman, he will strain his neck to see it. He likes colorful books too, and will sit still and listen until I have read every page.

Memorable Moments:

Time is flying faster than ever. I got a new planner so I could start writing down what we do each day. Hopefully by doing so, I will keep better track of the memorable moments going forward. My goal with the planner, besides general organization, is to save a typical day from each year (possibly a day from each season of each year) of Enzo’s life until he moves out. I’m sure it will be fun to look back at these baby phases when he is older. :)

Anyway. What I do remember:

He made big gains on holding his head up, and is working hard to sit up and roll over.


He attended his first Sunday Dinner.


He celebrated his first Thanksgiving.

It wore you out.

It wore him out.

He went to dinner at a fancy restaurant for our anniversary, and behaved like a CHAMP.



4th Trimester

My skin is slightly better, and my hair has not started falling out yet. I’m bracing myself for that to happen any day now, but hoping it misses me altogether. I have really thin hair…there’s not much to lose!

I have finallllly started to drop some weight. I’m down 5 pounds over the past 2.5 weeks. That’s basically due to diet, workouts have been sporadic. We bought a treadmill and I’m SO ready for it to get here. It will make it much easier for me to get a legit workout in during the day. I know exercise videos are an option but most of those require some form of jumping around and…no. Not right now. My body feels so foreign to me that it’s super awkward. With a treadmill, I won’t be at the mercy of Ron’s schedule (which is not athlete friendly, to say the least). It’s hard enough for him to stay consistent with late days and call shifts. When he does get home at a decent hour, we have to tag team workouts, which makes for long nights and late dinners. None of which helps our overall health.

So here’s to 2017 and getting back to a plant-based diet, competing in road races, and just feeling like me again, physically.


When our neighbors came over to give us a gift shortly after Enzo was born, they mentioned how fast it all goes. Ever the optimist, I said I hope.

It makes me sad, looking back. The first two months I didn’t fully appreciate Enzo’s brand newborn-ness, and I hurt a lot of feelings by shutting down and requesting space.

Going into delivery I was anxious and nervous. I didn’t want anyone at the hospital or in the delivery room until after Enzo was born, and we had gotten our bearings. Afterward I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I couldn’t handle more than one or two sets of visitors at the house each day, and I certainly didn’t want anyone staying with us.

It’s unusual I guess, but when I’m trying to adjust to big change I need space. Lots of it. I’m not good at accepting help and I’ve given up trying to alter that aspect of my personality. It’s never a reflection of how I feel about my friends and family. When it came to Enzo, I wasn’t trying to push anyone away or rob them of joyful experiences…but I had to protect my own mental state. For me that meant temporarily making myself an island. The opposite of what most new moms want and need. I realize that came with a price, I hurt some feelings and rained on a few parades. And I’m sorry for that. But at the same time…I don’t regret it. Because after all the guests left, my husband and baby were stuck with me. They needed me to be sane.

All that to say: I’m there. I’ve adjusted, and I love parenthood. I mean, this beautiful yet broken world totally terrifies me now. I am going to have an AWFUL time letting go and giving Enzo freedom as he grows. (Working on a blog/little man letter about that.) But when I push the fear out of my head, I’m all foam fingers and high kicks for the gift of being a mother.

And now when someone tells me it goes fast, I say I know, I hate it. I want time to seriously slow down. Yet I’m also seriously excited for what lies ahead. <3

Two Months
One Month
Birth Story 


Oh hey 70s in November.

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ALL THE HEART EYES for the way he looks at his father.

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