Due Date | 2

Dear Enzo,

Your shirt says Brave Little Man. And that means more to me than just a common nickname preceded by a trendy adjective.

You are 19 weeks old today. Your sibling might have been 1 year.

Brave’s heart beat before yours. A strong flutter that was here then gone, that’s all we got to know of him or her. And yet from it we learned so much about God and love and the sanctity of human life.

When I wrote about our first baby’s due date last year, I had just recently found out I was pregnant with you. And I was terrified. Of more pain. More loss. Unknowns and inevitable hurdles. But I didn’t want to be consumed by fear. I wanted to honor Brave and show God gratitude for you. By having courage. Being brave. 

I did my best and my best was wobbly…yet resolute. Because I felt them with me. They held me up and helped me through. And I pray you will always feel them too. That you will walk in calm assurance, knowing wherever you go, whatever you do, God and Brave go before you.


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