27 Weeks


Standing outside in the screened in porch, Father’s Day evening, holding a card I got for Ron. It says Someday your little one will be able to tell you what a great dad you are. The inside says For now you’ll have to make do with me. Best I could find for a dad with a preborn baby.

I may retake the photo tonight. Not in love with the lighting and I didn’t like how last week’s turned out either. Can’t have two crummies in a row. ;)

Anyway. The bump is big enough now that when I try to fit both something I’m holding + the number graphic in the photo…it doesn’t work well. I’ve gone back and tried to find all the original photos before I edited them in Photofy so when pregnancy is over I can put them all together without the numbers on them. I think that will look better anyway.

How far along:
27 weeks

Gender: BOY!

Symptoms: My heels hurt like crazy and I can’t fully empty my bladder. Ever. I don’t just feel like I have to go, I can go. Even if I just went. So that’s fun. 


Aversions: Coffee & McAlister’s veggie spud.

Workouts: Walking. Some strength exercises. I’ve already improved on strength! Did double the lunges from my first time and a 90 second wall sit this weekend (30 seconds first time). Looking into prenatal yoga after a couple great recommendations.

Weight Gain:  27 lbs. 

Movement: So for a few weeks now I’ve felt a flurry of movement at times. At first I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe he was just feelin feisty. Then one morning it occurred to me there’s no way he can move that fast and hit me in so many locations at once…not unless he’s an octopus. I got concerned and did what you should always do when you’re pregnant and concerned…consulted the internet. According to that trusty resource, it’s most likely they are uterine spasms. It makes a lot of sense to me, but obviously I’m going to talk to my doctor about it at my appointment tomorrow.

Also he was SUPER active this weekend, especially yesterday on Father’s Day. I woke up at 6am to a bunch of rustling around and he hardly stopped all day. He’s making my skin move more and more with his movements which is really fun to watch.

Best Moment(s): Officially ordered the nursery furniture, as well as some furniture for the screened in porch. We got this set, with green cushions and pillows. We can’t wait to be able to utilize that space! When weather allows, it will be REAL nice to sit out there with the baby.


This is the porch with the previous owner’s items in it. Eventually we are going to replace the screens with windows and do all the other necessary changes to make it an all seasons room so we have a main floor place for the kids to store their junk and play. We might keep the furniture in there when we do that, or we may move it out to the patio since that’s currently empty and I doubt we’ll buy anything for it this year.


I also FINALLY got Ron to go to Buy Buy Baby with me. We made progress in picking out things I need his opinion for (he doesn’t care about burp cloths or other little stuff): high chair, stroller, and baby carrier. Again, like the wedding, we put pricey things on the registry because we get discounts on whatever is left after the showers. Not because we expect anyone to spend hundreds of dollars per gift. Even if you go in as a group that would be expensive.

As far as strollers we’re still trying to decide between the Baby Jogger City GT and the Baby Jogger City Select. The City GT has a more comfortable looking seat, but the City Select has the capability of holding 2-3 children, in multiple positions. That would be helpful if we have another baby down the road or want to watch someone else kids (future Baby Frederick cousins, perhaps?) and take them for a walk.

City GT:

17186428 17186428_Alt02

City Select:


This folds up just as easy as the City GT, even with the attachment for the second seat.

This folds up just as easy as the City GT, even with the attachment for the second seat.

This has attachment you can buy so an older child can stand and ride, like in the picture. You can also buy an attachment to add a second seat. With the second seat the kids can either face each other or both face forward, depending on how well they like each other that day.

This has attachment you can buy so an older child can stand and ride, like in the picture. You can also buy an attachment to add a second seat. With the second seat the kids can either face each other or both face forward, depending on how well they like each other that day.

Ps. I just LOVE the staff at Buy Buy Baby. They are so friendly and knowledgeable. They helped us out a ton when it came to strollers especially. We already knew we wanted Baby Jogger after talking to a friend, but even within that brand there was a lot to learn!

Not my finest moment: From now on, unless I do something really ridiculous that week (which is always a high possibility), this section will probably contain what I’m most anxious about.

Therefore, REALTALK. I’m a little nervous about the transition from coupledom to family life. I’m not worried about us in the long term, but I have yet to meet someone who said bringing home their first baby was a breeze. Not that I expect it to be, but everyone’s stories are majority misery, minority joy. Painful and/or unsuccessful breastfeeding, postpartum depression, Team No Sleep and all the negative effects that follow. I once heard a story of a woman who suffocated her baby because she fell asleep while breastfeeding. HAUNTED by that.

I just want to handle it well. The pain, the hormones, the fatigue. I want to be nice to Ron, as well as friends and family who will be understandably excited + immediately all up in our business wanting to meet our little man and help us out. But I’m afraid I won’t be, and instead I’ll cry, whine, snap at Ron and be mildly resentful toward the flood of perky, happy people bouncing into my living room when I’m a sore, overwhelmed mombie.

I hope that won’t happen and I will rise to the occasion. Smile when I open the door, not growl. Kiss my husband and ask about his day when he gets home, not pass off the child and run. Bloody nips, puffy eyes, greasy hair, extra weight? Small temporary price to pay for what I SO DESPERATELY WANTED. Right? I hope I deal with it, not dwell on it. 

Because I know how I felt a year ago this week. I know countless women want to be in my shoes, and many will be grieving losses as I’m potentially crying over spilled milk. I don’t want to lose that perspective. This child is an amazing gift from God. I want to be filled with pure gratitude for our newborn, even amid great physical and emotional change. So I pray, hard, that when he gets here I’m able to remain *relatively* calm and graceful in the transition. I’m confident it is possible…with divine (and if necessary, medical) intervention. **Not saying He will deliver me from it all, but it’s possible so I will ask. 

Looking forward to:  Seeing the doctor tomorrow. Not excited about the glucose test but I am ready to be measured and make sure he’s still on track. I’m less anxious now that I can feel him move around but I still like to have that reassurance that he’s growing as he should be.


After dinner at Outback with my family. I felt a lot cuter than I looked haha. But what’s new. I got some more clothes this week and I was so pumped about this shirt, but it turns out it’s VERY hard to keep wrinkle free. I ironed it twice and it still got all messed up during the day. Lame.


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