26 Weeks



Standing in a parking lot with some strawberry shortcake. Wasn’t able to go to the downtown Strawberry Festival, but we happened upon one on Main St. in Carmel Saturday evening! Made my day. I’m also entertained by how my stomach looks a little misshapen. It’s sticking out more on the left. Maybe it’s little man? He could be big enough to start causing that??

How far along: 26 weeks

Gender: BOY!

Symptoms: Some massive acid reflux. I seriously felt like I was having a heart attack. It kept hitting my chest in waves, radiating up to my jaw. Thankfully it only happened to that degree once so far.  I’ve started to feel out of breath more often too. Sometimes even when I’m sitting I have to inhale deeply because I’ll suddenly feel oxygen deprived.

Cravings:  ALL THE SUMMER SALADS. Also I can’t stop thinking about cinnamon applesauce. We bought some yesterday, so I’m all about that snack after work today.

Aversions: Coffee & McAlister’s veggie spud.

Workouts: Walking. I did Preggo Booty once and nearly died. I was sore for 2 days afterward. I’m going to continue working on that. Clearly what I’ve been doing hasn’t been doing squat for me strength-wise.


Weight Gain:  26 lbs. I saw my homegirl and her family today and she just text me to say her uncle couldn’t believe I was this far along because I looked so “tiny.” THERE. THAT’S how you do it. THAT’S how you make a pregnant chick feel good. BLESS YOU uncle man.

Subtopics: My belly button is getting smaller and smaller…closer to becoming an outie I assume. And my rings are getting tighter and tighter. They aren’t going to be able to stay on my hot swollen hands all summer. 

Movement: Yay for starting to recognize a routine! Each night around 11-12, he has a party. Pretty sure that party included riding a bicycle on Thursday. 3am is another festive time. I’ve also noticed when I’m hungry he moves more. Probably like HEY. FEED ME LADY. Growin boy in here. When he’s not moving, he likes to sit VERY low. Like so low I’m not sure what will happen when he drops. Pretty sure he might just fall out. ;) Meanwhile my bladder is not amused.

Best Moment(s): Zoobilation (more on that at the end) and picking out nursery furniture. We chose a “crib to college” set that can transition as he grows from a baby to a young adult. We are buying the crib + conversion kit, dresser with changing table, bookshelf, and a nightstand.

13434253_10100203023681128_528156175_n 13459575_10100203023676138_636125841_n 13444010_10100203023671148_307276831_n 13459616_10100203023641208_649928136_n
We are also buying a shorter base board or whatever you call it for the end of the bed. I couldn’t find a good picture of that online, but you can kind of see it below:


The lady helping us said she envisions the higher one as a diving board. HA. YES. I see that too.

I love the set because I haven’t seen anything like it in stores (We’re ordering through Direct Plus. The manufacturer is called SmartStuff.) and when I look at it, I can imagine so many different room themes. No other set came to life like that for me. Which I know is kind of dumb…room decor coming alive in your mind…but it did so that’s what we picked. I feel like it will grow with him well, if it lasts all those years.

Not my finest moment: We’re about 3 months out. 95 days from my due date, to be exact. And um….I’m starting to unravel a little. There is SO much I want to get done with the house before he arrives and I really don’t see how we’re going to have time. It takes us approximately 8 billion hours to complete 1 project so…I’m going to have to accept that everything won’t be exactly as I want it. And I know that’s fine, the baby won’t care, but HI THIRD TRIMESTER NESTING. You all might want to start sending Ron random notes of encouragement as he tries to manage my crazy. 

Looking forward to:  My appointment next week. Ready to get this glucose test over with! Hopefully I don’t fail but I wouldn’t be surprised if I do. :/ 


So yeah. Zoobilation! Most of you have probably seen Ron in his Jaguar suit by now (You can call it leopard or cheetah or whatever. It all looks similar to me, but the suit is called The Jag so technically it must be Jaguar print). He bought it on Amazon about 4 days before the event, and amazingly enough didn’t have to have it tailored.

It was such a hit. He was interviewed for the news, approached by all sorts of people (including Pat McAffee), and a frequent target of not-so-covert video taking. 

13441953_10100203023760968_869964925_o 13453180_10100203023755978_1274760191_o

Ron is seen twice and I’m with him the second time in a video on Indystar’s website. This shot of us having our picture taken on the orange carpet isn’t until 24 seconds into the video (you can’t watch it here, that’s just a screen shot) but they chose us to be the cover photo for the video! Basically I think that means we’re kind of a big deal. ;) 13453719_10100203023696098_548625481_n 13445962_10100203023870748_240094472_o

Some random lady who took a picture of Ron and posted it on Facebook. We found it by searching Zoobilation and looking through all the posts. 


Professional photos:
636015071973261813 636015072300803733

I had another dress picked out, but my alterations lady messed it up. I wasn’t too upset because it wasn’t that exciting of a dress either, but it was still annoying. She got behind and had to rush to finish it, making some mistakes in the process. She hemmed it too short and somehow made the inside liner way tighter so I had to rip it to get it on. I mean I know I’m expanding but not that much in 1 week! It was a tad uncomfortable so I didn’t wear it.

The dress I did wear went better with Ron’s ensemble anyway. I may try to wear the original dress when we celebrate my birthday since I won’t be walking around it it a ton. And since it won’t last much longer now that it’s hemmed so short. (Shorter than it looks in the picture) Bump is going to hike it up too high pretty soon, and ain’t nobody wanna see all that. 


Don’t mind the towels on the floor. We have to put them across the entryway because we haven’t replaced the carpet yet and the previous owner’s dogs tore it up leaving tacks exposed.

Anyway, overall Zoobilation was a ton of fun! Even in the heat while pregnant. Although I have to say waking up today to find they are shipping the polar bear out permanently next week, ON MY BIRTHDAY, kind of makes me want to snatch our portion of the fundraising dollars back. So tragic. That said, I have felt bad for Tundra for awhile now. Our exhibit needed some serious TLC. At least she’ll have a more posh place to live out her senior years in Detroit. 

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