2018: Discipline


Is it too late to talk about New Year’s Resolutions? Our Christmas tree is still up so technically my new year hasn’t started yet.

^^I know. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve taken everything else down but I can’t reach the top of the tree even with the step ladder. I have to wait for Ron and he refuses to take it down until after his birthday. Next year we will have a taller ladder and this won’t be an issue. (I say that every year. But I mean it this time!)

Anyway. My resolutions typically fall under the umbrella of a word. Each year I choose one word or phrase to shape my mindset for the coming months. It’s been a helpful little tradition and something I look forward to thinking about each January. It takes my mind off the post-holiday blues.

2017’s word was Decrease. I put my entire life through a sifter. Activities, possessions, projects, relationships, all of it. There were far too many things competing for my physical and mental energy. I was perpetually frustrated and wracked with guilt for failing to measure up across the board. I needed more margin, as Emily Ley would say. It will always be a work in progress, but overall I was successful. I feel lighter and breathe easier going into 2018.  

Now that I’ve given my life some elbow room, I want to work on discipline. When my schedule was overloaded, I could only focus on keeping up. As a result so. many. things. were left incomplete. Hanging over my head. Stealing sanity and sleep.

As I cut back, I took some time to enjoy the blank spaces. I found my groove as a mama and homemaker and I’ve enjoyed the heck out of extra sleep and a slower, minimally-scheduled pace. I’m ready now to reinstate a *little* bit more structure. Small things that I think will make a big difference. 

1. Daily bible reading. I have been working my way through the bible cover to cover. I’m over halfway through, but I should have been done a long time ago.  I struggle with motivation at times, it’s not an easy read! (Ezekiel, yikes.) But I want to read it in its entirety first (I’ve read the gospels and several other books, but not the entire bible) then go back through for in depth study.

2. Workouts before the baby wakes. I LOVE getting my workout in before Enzo is awake but I also LOVE sleep. A little too much. Once I am out of the early routine, it is SO hard for me to get back into it. The whole day just runs smoother when I get it out of the way first rather than in the afternoon.

3. Finish projects: 

  1. Pinterest the Pantry. 75% done
  2. Organize the Garage. Ugh
  3. Deep clean the house. Or save up and hire a crew. Because seriously, it’s impossible to get it all deep/spring/ready-to-sell (we aren’t wanting to sell just saying, that level of clean) type clean in one day or weekend without professional help.
  4. Get caught up on Enzo’s baby book. I bought one with a LOT to fill out. Next kid gets something simpler.


4. Stop changing my mind and make legit progress on writing a book. Start, Erase. Start, Erase. For years. I annoy myself so much. No erasing this year. I will forge ahead, even when I think it’s awful, and circle back to edit the bajeezus out of it once it’s complete.

5. Listen to at least 1 audiobook a month. I’m a super slow reader, so I am obsessed with audiobooks. I look forward to cleaning or running on the treadmill when I’m hooked into a story. Also I’m in a book club so I’ve been doing great with fiction books, but I want to do a nonfiction each month as well.

6. Listen to new podcasts vs. social media scrolling. Wayyy too many hours wasted on social media these days. I swear I can feel my intellect atrophying at times. Using my phone to stay awake when I was up feeding Enzo at night lead to overuse issues. I need a bit of a detox. 

None of this is very difficult or exciting but I like to lay it all out there, if only to keep myself accountable. I would love to be able to end the year with a post sharing lists of books read or listened to, pictures of spaces organized, etc. I have the time, it’s just a matter of being disciplined enough to say no to sleeping in or excessive internet-ing.

I also truly like hearing about other people’s resolutions or words of the year. If you have one, tell me about it! 

Happy New Year! 


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